Individual Instruction



There is nothing like receiving individualized training from the coaches at Intensity FUNdamental Basketball.  Our program, tested and true, has helped over 100 student-athletes realize their collegiate basketball dreams.  Now, we can help you too! 

​Our program is designed to develop fundamental basketball skills that apply no matter what age you are or what position you play.  Some of the skills we will help you improve include:

  • ​​Shooting Form
  • Reading the Defense
  • ​Post Moves
  • ​Rebounding
  • ​Defensive Footwork and Positioning
  • ​Moving Without the Ball
  • ​Game Conditioning and Explosiveness
  • Ball-Handling
  • The Mid-Range Game
  • ​Triple Threat and Wing Attack
  • ​Perimeter and Interior Passing
  • ​Setting and Using Screens
  • Getting Open
  • ​Starting Offense
  • Handling Traps and Pressure
  • ​Decision-Making
  • The Ball Screen
  • ​And much, much more!

​Our coaches have three major goals throughout all of our training programs:

  1. ​​We work to improve our players' self-esteem, confidence, and love of the game through positive reinforcement and constructive analysis.
  2. ​We help players to understand the game, not just to do what is required physically but to become a "student of the game."
  3. ​We strive to develop players' fundamental skills so they can become better than they ever thought they could be on their own.

​These kinds of goals are achievable only through full physical effort and total mental focus; these are the most important ingredients in learning to play Intensity FUNdamental Basketball.


We offer standard and premium packages.