"I wanted to send a sincere Thank You to you and the staff you picked for the Maryland Intensity Basketball Camp. My son, Kendrick Williams, attended the week of June 25-29 and absolutely loved it. He said the instruction was delivered well, the staff was great, and the overall atmosphere was energetic. Me being a coach and mentor myself I understand what it means to a kid to have great instruction, structure, and a great atmosphere. I appreciate everything you are providing to the kids of our future. So much so, I have signed him up for the week of July 9-13.  Once again, thank you for all that you do."  

   - Kenneth Williams (parent of camper)

"I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible experience you created for Tess. I am so touched with how quickly she bonded with all of your coaches. I feel like you have done a superb job staffing your camp and that is so important. Tess grew so much in her skills as a basketball player but more than anything she gained more confidence in herself and felt so much love.  Keep up the good work Coach! You are changing lives. "     - Jessie Perry (parent of camper) 

​"When Kristof first came he was so unsure if he would be able to pull this basketball thing off. He struggled the first week with the concepts and the fact that he didn’t feel like anyone wanted him on their team because of his lack of skills, but with great encouragement and help from the coaches he has come home now asking if he can come back next year. Thanks again for all you and your team do."  ​  - Tarsia Gray (parent of camper) 

"I know there is nothing I can say that has not already been said.  But, in all my travels through high school, college and the professional ranks, I can say I have never met a true professional as yourself.  The professionalism you extend through your coaching staff and the young men that play for you is just outstanding.  Rose and I have seen a transformation in Nick, to a mature young man that flows confidence in all aspects of his life.  Being part of your spirit, coaching and friendship, he will cherish and have for a lifetime.  We have had the pleasure of having almost all of the team at our house at some time during the season.  Wow!  Just a great bunch of young men.  As I watched last night our young men in defeat I saw through your coaching and direction the young men handle the pain of defeat with true honor and professionalism.  Rose and I wanted to thank you for letting Nick and our family be part of the basketball family.  Best regards."      - Joe and Rose Turnbull (parents of a former student-athlete) 

​"Nancy, I just want to thank you and your husband and his staff.  Tony does an amazing job and is making such an impact with these kids.  I have always loved sneaking in at the end of the day to hear him speak to the kids.  What a blessing to have the opportunity for our son to be exposed to a coach, a man, and a Dad like Tony.  He's awesome and thank you for all the behind the scenes work and support you provide as well.  Blessings."  

​- Chris Farrugia (camper parent) 

​"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing such a wonderful camp for our boys.  My husband and I sat in during a time when you were lecturing the campers, and sharing stories.  I was truly amazed and touched by your speech.  You go so far beyond the skills of basketball.  You take the time to teach the campers about themselves and life.  You are truly gifted in your ability to reach out to the youth and I do believe you make an impact in each of their lives.  There is absolutely no way that a camper could possibly leave one of your camps without taking something from it.  My children have truly been blessed with such enrichment and knowledge.  I would also like to commend one of your coaches in particular.  Not that they were not all wonderful; however, Ola is exceptional.  She too is gifted in her ability to reach out to the campers.  She not only teaches them, she empowers them.  I love her energy and her wonderful spirit.  So, I felt compelled to share with you my feelings as well as my children's feelings about you, your coaches and your camps.  WE WILL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!  With much gratitude,"  - Kimberly Price (camper parent)

​"Dylan took several days of your late summer/fall weekend camp this past year and really benefited from it (he is 11 and a bit of a tentative player).  I thought you and your coaches did a great job working with the boys at their respective levels and making every boy feel valued and a part of things.  Professionally, I do leadership development work and was really impressed by your individualized and inclusive approach.  In fact, I even met your head of school at a Harford Day golf event in the fall and raved about you to him.  Thanks!"     -​Susan Mannlein (camper parent) 

​"I just wanted to let you know that Abby quoted you at her lacrosse tournament this weekend.  After a loss in their first game the coaches asked for their thoughts.  Abby stood up and said 'At basketball camp last week Coach Martin told us we need to have short memories when things don't go our way.  We can't forget what mistakes we made but need to learn from them and have them make us stronger.  We need to focus on what's in front of us and play like we can for the next game.'  As a parent, I was very proud of her perspective and leadership and amazed at the maturity.  I just wanted you to know that they do listen and remember as well as understand how it applies to life.  Thank you, and just another reason she will keep coming back."  

​- John Marquette (camper parent) 

​"Just wanted to circle back and tell you that our two kids had a FANTASTIC experience at the Intensity Basketball camp the week that they attended.  My husband and I were particularly impressed with the leadership and motivational aspects of the camp, and my kids loved the counselors/coaches that they worked with all week.  My daughter had no particular interest in basketball when we signed up, so we were a little worried that she wouldn't enjoy herself that week.  Well, she LOVED it.  Every day she came home feeling successful and proud of what she had accomplished at camp that day.  My son was already a basketball fan, but the camp really improved his playing and his attitude about what it means to be a 'team player.'  I wanted to really compliment you and your staff on creating a unique and well-run camp experience for children.  Thank you again and best wishes for continued success!"   ​- Fatina Williams (camper parent) 

​"You run a successful and winning program, but more than that, these student athletes represent the development of the whole person and are what I think Student-Athletes are to be.  These students were certainly excellent role models for the group of second grade athletes.  You, the faculty, and administration are coaching and teaching great skill sets for the students to use for the rest of their lives; truly 'Values for a Lifetime.'  In a one-hour time period, they were probably the best advertisement John Carroll could have with kids and the others in attendance that day.  Thanks for doing what you do."   ​- Jim Stangle (Grandparent of a camper) 

​"Congrats on your team and your season.  I had a chance to go to the games on Sunday and Monday at Towson. I've seen a lot of high school games (many sports) in my 42 years at JC. I have to say those two games were some of the best.  I will never forget the effort our kids showed. You should be proud of them as I am.  I also teach or have taught 75% of the team. They are some of the best.  You assembled a group of fine young men.  In 42 years of teaching, I've never had a student thank me at the end of each class.  Isaac was the one.  Mike Tertsea is a great kid.  Kimball added to the great chemistry in my class last year.  I wanted to hug him at Towson after the loss to Calvert Hall.  I did, at JC later that week.  What a class act.  Then there is Nick Turnbull.  I have him in advisory.  One day in December, I asked Nick what the difference is between CMW and JC basketball.  He answered 'John Carroll is AP basketball.'  That comment should make all your tireless hours well worth it.  He would always give me an update on the previous day's game.  One last thing about Nick, he never said I wish I could play more.  He knew his role.  As a former coach, I know that is difficult for teenagers.  I admire him for that.  I'm looking forward to seeing him play baseball at JC.  I know you took pleasure in coaching these fine students.  Thank you for putting JC on the 'map' for basketball.  Thanks for sharing the highlights of the season.  Good luck next year." ​ - Al Ward (John Carroll Faculty) 

​"I wanted to thank you for helping me grow into the person I am today.  As it is the end of the semester and the start of another, I have found that I've been able to enjoy academic and military success.  Neither would have been possible had the foundational values like faith, trust, service, perseverance, and plain old hard work been taught and displayed to me by you both.  You've given me the opportunity to soak in so much knowledge/wisdom and positively impact a lot of people.  I've learned a lot from you coach.  Thank you so much for all that you've done.  I love you guys and hope to see you soon!" ​ - Ola Ekundayo (Camp Leader/VMI student) 

​"As a fellow coach, I understand how hard it is to get an entire team engaged and pulling in the same direction and that was the best thing to watch about this team.  Numbers 1-14 all had each other's  back and always had a great attitude and perspective.  To have the sort of chemistry and commitment is a testament to you and your coaching staff.  It takes a lot more than talent to be successful as a team and this year was certainly a success.  I look forward to continuing your great success in the years to come."  - Steve Teter (JC Athletic Director) 

​​"I'd just like to say Thank You for all you have done for me. I'm pretty sure you remember when I walked in the school as a very shy kid and would be afraid of making mistakes.  But you made me realize that failure is a part of the process.  Also, you made me recognize my God-given talents that I took for granted.  You have always had hope in me that all the other coaches never had.  Junior year was a process, but once I got to my senior year I recognized I literally had two paths.  My senior year I really opened up and enjoyed being with the guys that I'll have a connection with forever and I will never forget it.  I loved that you made me a part of the team and I am grateful for your hope in me because otherwise I wouldn't have accomplished what I accomplished today."  ​ - Malik Tyne (former student-athlete)

​"Congratulations on an amazing career at JC.  You have done an exceptional job and you have not only changed the lives of kids, but families as well.  All for a brighter future.  All the best."  ​- John von Paris (former JC parent and local businessman) 

​"Want to write you a short note and tell you how proud I am as an alum.  I have learned a great deal about your program and what value you bring to the JC community. I have learned it's about being competitive but also learned that it's not about the wins and losses.  I have learned that your kids came out with a smile and shook hands and gave hugs during the most challenging times after a loss.  I have learned the pain of losing and the joy of winning, but most of all I learned that these kids will be Champions in life.  I have learned your kids know how to face adversity and overcome challenges.  Your diverse group of kids reminds me what a Champion is all about.  Again, great season and tell the kids to hold their heads high, they really made JC proud.  Life is a marathon not about one game, they all will be champions in life."  ​- Matt (JC Alum)

 "We appreciate the individual time you gave the players. Jace didn’t want to leave on Sunday and wanted to keep shooting. Thanks for the individual help and recommendations.  Also wanted to share that I think it is really great the way the varsity players are in the program to work with the younger kids. Great thing you have done with that. Definitely special for the younger players to get that camaraderie and exposure to the upper class men. Congratulations on making that a part of your program ."  Ned Williams, DVM